Tuesday, July 27, 2010


SCORE!!! After days of searching and night after night of driving....four in one evening. Katie and I were driving through Earthquake Park and spotted a mama with her two calves and down the road found the bull grazing along the side of the road.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Survival In Alaska

1. Cotton is out; synthetic is in.
2. Buy bear spray.
3. Learn how to use bear spray.
4. If the sun is shining, get out and enjoy it.
5. In case of earthquake: stop, drop, and hold on.
6. Build a disaster kit.
7. If a moose charges at you, get behind a tree.
8. If a bear charges at you and you forgot your bear spray, play dead.
9. Don't go hiking or biking alone.
10. Invest in fleece and rain gear.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Wild Moose Chase

I'm on a wild moose chase. I'm convinced. It all started back in April when I learned that I would be relocating to Anchorage with my Company. In May my sister Patty and I came to Anchorage so that I could visit our offices and meet my new co-workers, and we could look for housing for me. That's when the wild moose chase really began.

Everywhere we went, Patty would tell me, "Watch for moose. You will see them anywhere and everywhere." The realtor who was showing us houses agreed. "I saw one this morning on my way to the office," he claimed. So we traipsed all over Anchorage. We went East to the edge of Chugach National Park. We went west to Earthquake Park. And not a moose was to be found. "I don't believe it," Patty says. So on Friday, our last day in Alaska, Patty suggested a trip south to Portage Glacier. "I'm sure we will see a moose today." But alas!! We saw bald eagles. We saw water falls. We saw the Glacier. All were amazing. But not a moose was to be found.

And so we returned to Bartlesville without so much as a glimpse of a moose.

Fast forward. It is now July 15th. I arrived in Anchorage on July 4th. Eleven days in town and the wild moose chase continues. I continue to hear rumors that they do exist. The pastor from church saw one on Sunday morning. My neighbor says she has seen them in our yards. Today on the radio, the D.J. even said a moose and her calves were blocking rush hour traffic on a local road. But, do you think I've seen one yet? No, not a moose in sight.

And so, the wild moose chase continues......