Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Winter Blues Cure

Yesterday, I had a key in my mailbox indicating I had received a package. Unfortunately, the package mailbox was frozen shut.

Today, thanks to a friend who was stronger than the frozen lock, I was able to get the package mailbox open. And what did I find? A package from my cousin Brenda. Notice the cheery flowers.

And when I opened the package......

A care package from my Aunt and Cousins.

And they know me well.

Look at all the wonderful things they sent to me.

A bookmark with a quilt design and a pair of
embroidery scissors. Some of my favorite past
times. Reading, quilting, and needlework.

Nail polish, which I won't buy for myself. And
Bath and Body Works goodies. I miss Bath and
Body Works.

Things that smell good. And the candle was
made in Colorado.

Note pads. I'm always looking for a piece of
paper to make myself a note or list. A side effect
of getting older. Can't remember a thing if I
don't write it down.

Mints and Gum. Never know when you might
need fresh breath.

A fun pair of socks and towels. Hidden under
the note it says Spring and there are flowers
on the front towel.

And cookbooks for two of my favorite things.
I can't think of anything better to help cure
the Winter Blues.


  1. Funny! I am setting up the book fair and there's a quilt book mark in there!! You were one of people I thought of when I picked up a few of these to give!

  2. Hope you enjoy it and Spring arrives soon! What? No Bath & Body in Alaska? I am on the e-mail list from them. I have ordered quite a few times on the internet when there is a sale and they are having a special on shipping. Saves me a trip to the mall when in the Springs. In fact, I have started ordering alot of different things over the internet if they are having a good deal on shipping. I only have to pay Cheyenne county sales tax which is alot less than the sales tax in Colorado Springs!

  3. No Bath & Body. No Hobby Lobby. No Dillards. I go through a lot of withdrawal. : ) Thank goodness for the internet, although shipping to Alaska is a challenge sometimes.